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Apr 24, 2013 4:30am PDT
charges against a mississippi man accused of sending letters with poisonous ricin to president obama, a senator, and a judge. he was released from jail after they found no evidence of the poison in his home. his attorney says the focus is on another mississippi man who says she may have set curtis up because they didn't get along. as the fbi searched his house everett says he didn't do it. >> the people that actually know me, know i have nothing to do with this. and people that don't know this is crazy. >> he also says he doesn't really know curtis but he corresponded with him online. >>> we are tracking developing news in bangladesh. dozens of people have been killed after a building housing several garment factories collapsed. hundreds more are injured. the collapse is a suburb of bangladesh's capitol. it comes five months after a fire killed 112 workers at a factory. >>> the fbi is investigating a hacking incident that caused a brief panic on wall street. a fake associated press tweet was posted yesterday that could quote breaking two explosions at the white house and barack obama
Apr 17, 2013 4:30am PDT
chuck schumer is meeting with president barack obama and the president issued a statement supporting the bill and urging action. this would make a path for illegal citizens to become legal and they will focus on boarder security. >>> two lawsuits challenge the state law. now the controversial therapy has been designed to make this straight and has been out loud. they blocked the ban on conversion therapy in december until they can hear full arguments on the issue. >>> a pedestrian was killed while trying to walk across near the san pedro exist. the man was hit by two vehicles, one after another. the driver of the first car immediately pulled over and the second driver immediately left the scene. >> it is a nice looking drive coming to the pay gates. if you are driving on the peninsular highway 101 and 280, that traffic does look good. let's go to steve. >> more spring snowstorms, and in calistoga 39 and look at lakeport, a breeze in the 50s and most locations are seeing 35 and at the napa airport 32. san francisco 57 and the wind is turning more northerly, north at fairfield, northwe
Apr 18, 2013 4:30am PDT
but it will happen and it will happen soon. >> meanwhile, president barack obama called it ashame full day for washington. >> the worry that the gun lobby would paint them as anti second amendment, but obviously a lot of republicans had that fear but democrats had that fear too so they caved under the pressure. >> the national rifle association released a statement praising the senate vote saying as we have noted previously at gun shows or elsewhere they would not reduce violent crime or keep kids safe in their schools. >>> they are talking about the shooter quinn bauer, what police say was the motivation behind the crime and when they are due back in court. >>> the fbi arrested a man for sending letters laced with rice. they intersented it at a sorting facility and the two other letters were traced to the same man. there is a clear link among all three letters. >> there are great consistencies and similarities to the two letters in the information we received from the letters that president barack obama and the senator received. >> he wrote online about a government conspiracy on
Apr 19, 2013 4:30am PDT
mother. yesterday first lady michelle obama visited the boy at boston's children's hospital. the surgery to close a deep wound in aaron's leg was successful and he is doing much better. >> a lot of support for the city of boston. in just a few hours the san francisco marathon team is holding a run for bost. this is the facebook page of the event. now because the large response this morning's run will now begin and end at the ferry building. it will be just over four miles and set to begin at 7:00 a.m. this morning. the marathon team is asking anyone who comes to wear blue and yellow. hundreds of runners paid attribute to the boston marathon as well. the group ran three miles. one for every life lost. some who participated just returned from running in boston. they said last nights event was about resolve and determination and not about giving up. two women who were standing right near the finish line when the bombs went off say they will return. you can get the latest information on everything that is happening in boston by going to our website or mobile ktvu. you can also follo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4